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Made to Move, LLC. was established in 2021 to meet the growing need for pediatric physical therapy services on Hawaii Island.  Our Team works with clients in their natural environment which helps keiki achieve their rehabilitation and functional mobility goals in places that are familiar to them, thus accelerating achievement.  Natural environment services allow parents to easily fit Made to Move into their schedule without worrying about the logistics of commuting to an office or finding daycare. We come to you.

In addition to the natural environment, we also offer In-Clinic Pediatric Physical Therapy at Suite #201, 120 Pauahi St., Hilo, HI. This expands our accessibility in meeting parents' needs where you are.

We believe Musculoskeletal injury recovery, Developmental needs affecting mobility are learning opportunities for both parents and Keiki.  This means our team is intentional about educating caregivers in the treatment process so they can be a maximum asset to the rehab and mobility achievement of their Keiki.

Kids with low to high-level injuries and functional mobility needs may receive services at Made to Move LLC. This includes pediatric sports injuries such as plantar fasciitis, ankle sprain, tears, rotator cuff injuries, back pain injuries and status post surgeries and PT Services with home exercise programs for sports   Injury Prevention and Sports optimization.

Made to Move, LLC. also provides Pediatric Physical Therapy services for Keiki with a wide range of diagnosis such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Torticollis, genetic disorders like Down Syndrome, Huntington's Disease, and Fragile X among others. We also service global delays which may not have a medical diagnosis.

Made To Move provides a wide range of other services for Sports-Related Musculoskeletal needs. We also offer teletherapy treatment options.

Nothing can truly stop our Keiki from living abundantly. Our Keiki Are Made to Move.

We offer a free 10-minute consult over the phone!

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Tues-Fri: 8am-5:45 pm

Hours may vary on Mondays

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