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Dr. Nicole Weston, Director


Dr. Weston is committed to excellent service.  She loves Keiki and is honored to be a part of their mobility and recovery story. Nicole was born in Kingston, Jamaica, where her love for people and service, her interest in science, her supportive parents inspired her to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.


In 2001, Dr. Weston left Jamaica to pursue studies in Physical Therapy at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. She graduated in 2007, earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. For the next six years she served the geriatric and outpatient populations in Maryland and Michigan in varying lead and team role capacities.

Dr. Weston brings a wealth of skills acquired from hands-on experience including a patient service oriented focus and effective clinical skills. Her specialty focus areas include: assessment and treatments of varying Neurological, orthopedic diagnosis, trunk- core assessments and stabilization, Total Motion Release, dynamic gait training, therapy with focus on decreasing deconditioning, orthotic management and interventions, Sports Optimization and Injury, and improving the functional capacity of our Keiki within their routine based activities.

Since 2013, Dr. Weston has focused her career on Pediatric Physical Therapy specializing in the early intervention population, and in 2020 She moved to Hilo, Hawai’i to offer her services to more families. Dr. Weston believes all Keiki are created for mobility and thriving and that genetic, developmental or injury setbacks can be overcome by personalized care, preventative plans and caregiver education in their home or other natural environments. Nothing can truly stop our Keiki from living abundantly.  Keiki Are Made To Move!


Dr. Weston is a fun, warm and friendly person. She brings vision, a team approach and strong family education to those she serves. When she is not providing PT services, you may find her taking care of projects at home, reading, singing, and being involved in Community outreach in Hilo. Dr. Weston loves lychee, spending time with family and friends, and talking stories with everyone. She looks forward to serving you with your area of PT needs!

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