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Image by Lars Bo Nielsen


Play is essential to our keiki in their physical, emotional and social development. We want to help your growing athletes get back in the game. 

Made to Move provides pediatric physical therapy for athletes. This includes children in sports programs or athletic individuals.

We utilize a sport specific program training and rehab, unique to the athlete and their sport. This promotes  a return to optimal health safely and in efficient time. 

Our approach includes a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment  plan, and preventative plans related to specific sports injury. We determine the specific segmental and joint movements, agility, power, endurance needed in the sport specific to you and customize a sports training or rehabilitative program to help you return to your sport or enhance your  game. 

We complete full sports rehab by assessing and treating the injuries, with use of preventative measures related to your sports. We also evaluate, diagnose and treat conditions such as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome  ' Runner's Knee', Tennis Elbow, back injuries, sprained ankles to increase balance, coordination issues, strength endurance, agility and power. 

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